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Hastings Machine Company utilizes Acme-Gridley multi-spindle screw machines. With diversity and variety in machining size, we produce products with material diameters ranging from 1/4″ through 2-3/4″ diameter. With 6 and 8 spindles flexibility, we can machine most features on one piece of equipment, minimizing cost and cycle time while also reducing your product price.

Our profile capabilities include round, hex and square. Material capabilities run the gamut of Cold Drawn Carbon Steel, Alloy, Stainless, Duplex, Aluminum, Brass, Cast Ductile Iron, and select Polymers.

We operate a fully stocked on-site maintenance and spare parts department. Doing so allows us on-the-spot flexibility to manage change-overs and set-ups within short hours versus production shifts or days.

With a thorough attachments inventory; we proficiently roll and cut threads, in straight, pipe, taper, coil and transition threads in imperial and metric sizes as well as industry specific classifications of Grades 75, 100, & 150; Euro, Hot Rolled, DSI, 8 round, etcetera. Our production processes are complimented with recessing, chamfering, tapping, reaming, knurling, and stamped or engraved code/serial number parts identification.

Whether you need 500 pieces for an unexpected customer request or a 1,000,000 pieces for a project supply, our facility can deliver the right parts at the right time within your desired delivery schedule.

Screw Machine Capabilities

Our screw Machine capabilities include:

  • Capacity to 2-3/4″ diameter and/or 2-3/8″ hex
  • 6 and 8 spindle operations
  • Bar Loaders

We strive to be a complete customer service facility. In addition to full-range and timely production services, Hastings Machine can accommodate your warehousing needs through inventory management and Kan Ban programs, as well as, direct and discreet shipment to your customers, as you deem necessary and helpful. We value your deadlines and can assure your orders are shipped on time.

Through our partnership approach, our highly trained and experienced team can review your specifications for most efficient manufacturability while pursuing lowest possible cost production processing.

Hastings Machine is committed to providing superior customer service and the highest quality products at the most competitive price.

We are certified and policy/procedurally committed to ISO 9001, compliant to NCA-3800 and model our more demanding processes after AS9100 to ensure our facility meets the stringent quality standards our customers deserve.

To learn more about our Screw Machine machining services, please contact Hastings Machine Company today.

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