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HMC’s environmental consciousness was an integral part of our culture long before green was a buzzword or it was considered a component of social responsibility awareness.

Our stewardship of the environment as long been reflected in the way we choose to run our business.

  • Operations:earth-158805_640
    • Our raw materials are >99.5% recycled and Made in the USA
    • We use water soluble versus petroleum coolants
      • Reverse Osmosis for water purification to prolong the efficacy of our water based coolants.
      • Evaporators for maximum coolant recovery and reduced waste impact
    • We re-sharpen and reuse recycle tooling to maximize useful life while minimizing scrap/discarded materials
    • We sort and compact our metal chips into puck form:
      • Reclaiming coolant,
      • Reducing scrap footprint,
      • Reducing storage requirements
  • Facilities: 
    • We practice 5S, workplace organization methodology
      • Sort
      • Straighten or set in order/stabilize
      • Sweep /shine/clean
      • Standardize
      • Sustain the discipline
    • We endorse and are paperless throughout our offices where doing so can be replaced by electronic traffic
    • We compact and bale our waste cardboard and packaging materials
    • We use new technology waterless urinals to better manage our precious water resource
    • We rely on Rock Sumps to collect, mitigate, and control surface water runoff.
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